Abundance of femininity, power and playfulness


“Alice exudes an abundance of femininity, power, and playfulness and is one of the most daring, sensual, and fun women I have ever met.”
A. V. , Financial Director

I used to be a very self conscious child. Bullied at school, unpopular, unsure of myself. I used to hate speaking up, connecting to strangers and being seen. I don’t feel this way anymore majority of the time… I can connect with the sensual, seductive and powerful energy source within myself  or drop into a more vulnerable self. I am happy to chat to strangers and love deeply connecting with people.

The magical thing about self confidence is we are in charge of how we feel about ourselves. We can change the energy we exude, own and set forward. Want to learn to feel more self-confident, be able to deeper connect with yourself and others from a more authentically-aligned space? Then join me!

August 17th party will be a great, safe playground to explore the concepts of self love, self confidence and let your alter ego our to play 😉

Apply to join: https://mailchi.mp/2386cd7698d1/aliceinpolyland

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