Wonderful Group of Open-Minded Sexy People

Chatting with multiple people who’d love to come to the Alice in Wonderland Party is bringing me so much joy! So beautiful to be able to guide open-minded and -hearted people into a sensual Fantasy space and let them see, possibly experience all that Kink, Tantra, Spiritual Sexuality and Steamy play has to offer.

The party is shaping up very nicely – from quite a few newbies who have never been to a similar event – all the way to experienced and experiential couple and singles – I’m very happily planning out the experiences and scheduling the scenes.

Safe entering point into a guided play fantasy is the idea behind Through the Looking glass. We will be exploring our fantasies, possibly concurring our fears and taking one step forward toward a fuller expression of who we are deep down inside without any judgments! Who’s with me?

Apply to Join: https://spiritsexlab.com/2019/06/25/spirit-sex-lab-presents-through-the-looking-glass/

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