Tie me up station

Master Guide AJ

Want to get a closer look at what will happen at the August 17th Through the Looking Glass Party?
We will have a ton of playful fun – one of teh experiential stations will focus on rope. Learn more about our Master Guide below.


AJ is a shihan (master) of Kazami style Kinbaku (Japanese rope bondage). Master Kazami kazami appointed him as one of his 3 non-Japanese shihans in Nov 2018.

He has 5 years of tying rope experience with multiple performances world wide. Inspired by master Kazami, Aj’s style is based on balance and comfort of the bottom; it is dynamic and fluid and sensually provoking for the bottom. Aj has a PhD in medical physics and applies his detailed physical knowledge to building comfortably balanced ties with nonlinear symmetry. His medical knowledge is of great help when designing a sequence for maximizing the safety. Aj speaks 7 languages including English, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. He is a fitness and fashion model and actor. He has competed and won international bodybuilding and fitness competitions. The experience and knowledge he has obtained through intense weight training and mind muscle connections helps him in efficient body manipulation techniques during his ties with the goal of maximum enjoyment for the bottom. Aj has extended his ties to accommodate the comfort of people of any size, shape and gender. He is available for private tuition and private suspensions sessions as well as photographing humans of any shape, size and gender in rope.

Tie me up Station

25 minute demos / experientials will be as follows: Aj will start by a brief history of the Japanese rope bondage. He will then proceed to do a suspension and transition demo, including a sensual tie and untie. Afterwards he will be teaching groups essential knowledge regarding safety, and basic ties. Finally, time permitting he will show structural ties that can be used for fun and in bedroom. Aj and his female assistant will be on-site to tie volunteers and demonstrate the process.

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