THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who have signed up for Through the Looking Glass August 17th elite play party event. Very grateful for everyone who’s shared the information and helped me spread the word! You’re the best!

The party has officially SOLD OUT 16 days prior! Our incredible team of guides, creators and curators is working very hard to bring our guests the most outstanding guided sensual experience. My intention is to help you take one step closer towards your fantasies and dreams and possibly leave some of the fears / insecurities behind and have a ton of fun while doing so!

Wanted to join the party, but missed it? Please sign up for Spirit Sex Lab newsletter at and you’ll be the first to know about all upcoming events, workshops, private session details and guided tours – so you never miss out Alice in Polyland event again xoxo

P. S. I’ll let you all know how the party preparation and celebration goes!!

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