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“I’d like to share my thoughts on a recent experience I’ve had with an energy therapist Evguenia. A few personal issues that have transpired a few weeks before, have been weighing me down, I felt emotional and depressed. It felt as though there was a black hole in the middle of my chest which I’d wake up with everyday. I understood that this was a temporary state of affairs but really needed a push to leave this viscous cycle.

The healing took place at a home office. Evguenia was very friendly and approachable. As soon as I spoke on the phone with her, I felt at ease. The healing session happens as you lay on the table, fully clothed and the healer works with your energy field to charge, balance and clear the energy centers and balance our the frequencies.

I’m not sure exactly how the healing works, but I went into a trance state around the 2nd chakra. At first, I started seeing black and white imagery and just before coming back to being fully awakened – red poppies. Once I opened my eyes, I felt as though I was being gently rocked by energy waves. Such a amazing feeling! I felt the difference in my level of energy right away – I washed my car and accomplished so much!

This hasn’t happened in a month as I had been barely functioning. The next day, I work up without the painful black hole in my chest. During the session I have also understood the cause behind one of the issues I’ve been dealing with – which was very helpful.

In conclusion, if anyone needs an “energetic push” to start making positive changes in your like or are just curious to experience energy therapy – check out Evguenia’s practice. Highly recommend!

I. E.
Private Healing Session

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