Connection: Partner, Circle of Love

Sexual, loving chakra connection

My heart-felt desire / intention in life is to foster meaningful judgement-free connections: connecting deeper within, maintaining outward loving conscious connections and passing these experiences / learned lessons onto others to help them deeper connect with themselves and others. Today we will talk about an energetic practice that is often used in tantra. It involves two chakras: second and fourth.

The second energy center is the sexual, sensual representation of who we are. Life force resides inside this center. Chemistry, passion and fire are some of the characteristics of the energy contained within.

The fourth (heart chakra) contains our feelings, vibrations, experiences of close loving relationships with significant others, kids, pets and all those close to our hearts.

Often in relationships, people connect via one of these chakras and neglect the second. For example – in light, sexual connections, partners may not connect emotionally. In long term monogamous relationships couples may start loosing the powerful sexual charge but feel deep love for one another.

Below is the breathing, visualizing meditation to strengthen the connection between both of these centers.

TIP: Sit facing your partner, with your legs crossed. Take three deep breaths to connect with your body, emotions and let go of any thoughts for the time of this practice. If any thoughts come to mind – simply witness them as clouds floating in the sky and try not to get attached to them. Just come back to your breath.

Become aware of two energy centers in yourself and your partner. Visualize the 2nd and 4th chakras opening as though they are beautiful flowers reaching for the sun. Follow the same breathing rhythm and start visualizing your chakras connecting with beautiful loving, sexual energy circulating between them.

Breathe in the energy into your 4th, breath out into your 2nd. Visualize the energy going into your partner’s 2nd and leaving the 4th. Creating the visual circular loop between your chakras, energy fields, bodies, hearts and minds. Circulate the energy while looking into your partner’s eyes. Feel the love, connection and fire you have. Fill the energy field around you with gratitude and happiness. Thank you each other and enjoy.

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