Only 10 books left!

Can you believe it? Only 10 Alice in PolyLand Books left! Inspirational guide on transformational sensual journey from shame & suppression to unsurpassed passion, pleasure & authenticity has been selling fast! Below is a short video on what has inspired me to write this sexy book. Want to get one of the last copies? Go to:


What’s inside Alice in Polyland?

The book contains nine soulfully wild short stories. Each of  them is followed by a set of practical tips designed to help re-enact  the fantasies. Also included in the book are ten high-quality  professionally captured photographs artfully arranged by Evguenia.

Alice in PolyLand is an artistic, creative and inspiring book that  describes events that combine real life experiences and fiction. Each of  the nine spicy stories is followed by detailed and insightful  instructions allowing readers to learn more about how to reproduce each  of the fantasies and what important considerations to keep in mind while  embarking on sexually playful journeys of passionate self-expression,  openness and creativity. This beautiful book has been designed by  Evguenia herself and is presented in 34 pages of vivid colour photography featuring sensual images. This book is soulfully spiritual,  unapologetically sex positive and a deeply autobiographical unlike  anything you’ve seen before.

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