Q & A: Female Fantasies

female sex fantasies
Female Fantasies

Q: “Hi Evguenia, please let me know what the best way to discover female sexual fantasies is” A. E.

A: Hi A., thank you for your question! I have summarized a few main fantasies females tend to have according to the latest research. Please keep in mind, that all of us are different and therefore we may have completely unique fantasies. Also, as we go through life, our preferences and interests will change as we’ve multifaceted human beings that constantly evolve.


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Most Common Female Fantasies

According to the latest research the following seem to be the most common fantasies:

  • 85% of women fantasize about Romantic Seduction. This category includes a secluded romantic location, deserted beach, beautiful/sensual set up. Using candles, setting up the space with sensual music, scents and tasteful foods will act as aphrodisiac in most situations.
  • 82% of women tend to fantasize of having sex in an unusual location – this adds to the element of novelty and excitement. Covert public sex, sex club play, office… Unusual locations add the needed spice and really turn some of us on.
  • 79% percent of women think of taking part on fellatio or cunnilingus. Giving and receiving… Seems that majority did prefer the latter over the former 😉 Though everyone is different
  • 66% women find thinking of someone else alluring. They fantasize of another male while having sex with their partners. Affairs sound exciting in theory and are big turn ons for some. They are not as much fun in real life – so openly fantasizing about someone else with your partner if your relationship permits – is a good way to experience the scenario through dirty talk without necessarily stepping out of the monogamous boundaries.
  • 65% of women fantasize of Sexual Submission. DS is a great experience/play add on that brings more spice into an established relationship. Ask what the partner’s turn ons are with regards to submitting (humiliation, being controlled, restricted or restrained) and enjoy the play guilt free.
  • 57% of women fantasize about public indecency. Some people find the thought of being caught having sex in public tantalizing. Lots of covert public play could be explored by using a remotely controlled vibrator for example. Sky is the limit – use your imagination creatively and enjoy!
  • 57% of women find an idea of an Orgy arousing. This could be a fascinating fantasy to dirty talk about or, if your relationship allows, explore. Would you like to learn more on how to safely navigate group sex environment? Please Reach Out, I would love to help.
  • Other fantasies include Bondage (using handcuffs, Rope or predicament bondage – please Ask Me if you have any questions on these!), Domination, Anonymous Encounter and Bisexual sex.

I hope you found this article useful. For more in depth exploration of the topic of communications and personal sensual exploration – please see some of the Services I Offer and feel free to Reach Out. My heart’s biggest desire is to help others fully accept themselves and live happy and passion-filled lives!

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