Connection: Partner – Senses

5 Senses

I love being playful… Do you? Spicy relationships are hugely connected to a sense of novelty… Surprises. Play.

Speaking of play – do you know what your primary sense is? How about your partner’s?

TIP: Try contemplating on your sensual preferences, they may enhance your connection with a loved one.

What comes to mind when you remember the hottest episodes of your love making? Is it visuals – exciting sights of your lover’s eyes, lips, body and movements? Or is it scent-based – sultry, warm, intense or light scents that turn you and act as an aphrodisiac… Is it touch? Sensual, soft caresses or strong, intense grabs? Taste of their lips? Dirty talk?

Tomorrow we will explore a fun sensation play scenario you may want to try with a lover… Please stay tuned for more fun and pleasure.

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