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Non-Violent Communications

It’s so interesting that the same occurrence could be seen from so many different perspectives. Each of us lives in our own universe and communication is the key to letting others know what we think and feel inside our own bubbles.

I love Non-violent communications method (by Marshall B. Rosenberg) as it allows for the most objective way of handling disagreements. It also insures that people hear each other out and exchange ideas, feelings and state what they need in a non defensive way.

TIP: The process contains four steps:

  • Observations (objectively explaining what you think is happening)
  • Feelings (stating what you’re feeling without blaming others)
  • Needs (sharing what it is you really need without getting defensive)
  • Requests (asking for actions/changes to occur)

Both partners take turns going through the four steps one at a time. When the first partner explains his/her position – the second one repeats back what they’ve heard and gives the other person a chance to go through and respond. Try it for yourself – please let me know how it goes!

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