Still feeling incredible

feeling incredible
“Still feeling incredible after an adventurous, fun, sensual night, guided by Alice.Gracefully and skillfully, Alice guided the first-time-curious-souls through the labyrinth of eyebrow-raising scenes and raw sensual desires, all the while ensuring comfort of all of the participants. One couldn’t ask for a more masterful guide!

Alice exudes an abundance of femininity, power, and playfulness and is one of the most daring, sensual and fun women I have ever met. I am so grateful for that incredibly satisfying and sexually liberating spontaneous experience that Alice has created for me  and participants, where I was “chained” to a cross blind-folded (all consensual of course) and played with.
It is so delicious and arousing to have a fantasy come to life! heartfelt thank you for an unforgettably fun experience.”A. V., Financial Director
Adult Playground Tour Participant

I love it when people’s fantasies come true! Would you like to experience a sensual, mysterious and pleasure-filled play party?
  • Have you always wondered what happens behind the closed doors of sensual play parties?
  • Or perhaps you’ve been to a few kink parties before…

Join us as we explore our deep-seated desires in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere on November 16th at an incredible fantasy dungeon for Kink 101 Workshop and Guided Tour (

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