Energetic Orgasm Healing Story

Energetic Orgasm Healing Story

What an amazing explosive healing experience this has just been. The client – very sensitive to energetic movement – was able to achieve an energetic orgasm. Fully clothed. Right in front of my eyes. In less than 30 minutes…

What did that look like? It started out as usual deep healing session with energy balancing, chakra cleansing, field charging intention. When I approached his first and second chakra, I noticed how he was completely in tune with the energy, breathing deeply. Aligned and in sink.

I got an instant insight that he might be able to experience an energetic orgasm. I offered and he had agreed.

As I guided this tall handsome man through energy movement visualizations, and asked him to surrender and fully let go – I starting seeing waves of energy moving through his body. Hips rising, chest moving up and down, body aligned and moving while embracing the energetic charge inside of him.

The kundalini energy’s rise has culminated in a huge energetic explosion out of the crown chakra, full body orgasm, touch free, clothes on. What a gorgeous sight to behold. He left elated and excited to continue his newly started journey into the world of Tantra.

Feeling blessed to be doing this healing work. Blessed with amazing clients. It’s really magical. Playful and so much fun.

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