The most Important Thing

Your True Self

The most important thing (Your True Self )

As I went for a daily forest walk today I started thinking – what is the most important piece of knowledge, experience I could share with you guys. Why am I here, why does this blog matter (if it does at all)?

And deep down inside my intention and mission in life and with everything that I do is to remember and align with the true nature inside. A spirit, an energy wave, love, God – whatever you call this inner voice inside. My inner intention is to be able to fully embrace all of who I am – playful, deep, without judgments, limitations, fears.

My outer intention is to pass it on. If it’s helpful to anyone at all – pass on this frequency of exploration, playfulness, self expression and acceptance. Encouraging you to be YOU. Fully, unapologetically, in a messy, human way. Keeping in mind we really are spirits lol

How do we do it? I’d imagine your life is full of daily chores, work goals, successes, business endeavors. You may be raising kids, starting and exiting relationships, embracing your goals and dreams. To me, the alignment with who you are deep down inside (not on the level of the intellect, but so much deeper – right in your heart) is the most important connection of all. Can you hear that voice within? Is it telling you about your calling? Is it guiding you along your journey. Do you trust it? Are you choosing to align with it? Tell me, what is this voice saying. <3

Planning a series of blog posts on Aligning with the True Self – please let me know if anything in particular interests you.

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