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THANK YOU FOR READING MY BLOG! When you vibrate at a certain frequency, you attract like minded people. I’ve been so lucky to attract the most awesome clients ever lol

They are open minded, playful, non judgmental, thoughtful and deep. Sexy, exploratory and overall awesome! As are you 😉 Yes, you – reading my blog right now! Give yourself a hug – thank you so much for being here. Want to hug me back? Please like, share and save the post 🙂 And spread the joy!

I work a lot with couples that are in a transition of Opening Up their relationships – looking for guidance in Open Relationships, Polyamory, Group Sex, BDSM play partners etc. One of the recent clients – a beautiful free-spirited young woman with long wavy dark hair and bright blue eyes has written her thoughts on Polyamory. She let me share these words with you as I thought they were very deep. What are your thoughts on what she wrote?

“Evguenia, just a few thoughts about polyamory:

Ever since I started thinking about it – ever since we met I realize more and more about how holistic this model it. Many think that it’s about going around and having sex with random people. I can’t even express how far they are from truth. Since me and my partner decided to adopt this approach I began feeling people on such deeper level. Those who I love – my love expanded. It’s like I say “I love you” to my dear girlfriend, (who I never had sexual attraction to) – but these words vibrate differently – they come straight from my heart! I no longer restrict myself from loving and it brings amazing spectrum of feelings and depth into relationship with other people.

I realize that there my be so many hidden challenges and so many highs and lows on this path. But what I feel now is amazing.

I also realize how conscious I should become my where I am in order not to give in into bs. Raising this awareness of what my dreams and desires are at every given second seems like even more important for me now. This path is not for everyone, but for people who are willing to go beyond egoism and stay aware.”

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