Energy Orgasm – Explained

Energy Orgasm Explained

I’ve realized that many of you don’t know what Energy Orgasm is. To me, this is a pinnacle experience of multidimensional pleasure, profound depth, emotional high and intellectual explosion all at once! Could be combined with physical play, BDSM, Tantra or just enjoyed as pure spiritual experience. Falling into past lifetimes, feelings like a huge energetic essence, merging with the loved one. All of this and more is possible within this beautiful multidimensional, spiritually profound experience called Energy Orgasm.

Want me to let you in on a little secret? My goal and vision is to see many many people, stadiums of them actually having these ridiculously amazing experiences live all together joined by the passion to experience the spiritual ecstasy lol Call me crazy… True story

Please watch this detailed video that explains the phenomenon of Energy Orgasms. Have more questions – please feel free to ask.

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