Your True self – Grounding

Your True self – Grounding

Do you ever feel uprooted, anxious, ungrounded? Would you like to have more access to a powerful, safe and stable energy source? Then this quick and powerful technique is for you.

The technique is called grounding and allows you to feel stronger, more secure and in charge. The easiest way to connect to the power of the Earth is by standing feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, eyes open:

  • Visualize a hot red ball an inch and a half below your navel
  • Start breathing into it and visually expanding the size as well as increasing the heat radiating out of this energy spot called Tan Tien
  • Feel the connection between Tan Tien and the Earth’s core, visualize a strong vertical laser line running into the ground and hook it into the core. Feel the heat coming from the ground, sense the connection, feel the sensation of being grounded and stable
  • To strengthen the connection, visualize roots going into the earth, walk bare feet on the ground and G-spot or prostate massage

This powerful technique could be used to set an intention, feel more embodied or safe and release anxiety and stress related tension as well as feel more energized.

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