10 ways to spice up relationships

Spice Up Relationships
10 ways to spice up relationships

This coming weekend I’m going to be talking about various ways of bringing more spice into relationships! Here are 10 top tips – which one will you try tonight ;)?

  1. Share fantasies with no judgement (even if you’re not sharing your partner’s enthusiasm about having a threesome, be open to listen and see how you can creatively aid at bringing it to life (dirty talk, fantasy, flirting etc.))
  2. Dirty talk and sext – so much fun, isn’t it! (especially if photos don’t end up in dance mom’s forum by mistake yikes)
  3. Come out to a sexy party (sex clubs, kink parties – ping me for a guided tour offer)
  4. Take a spicy workshop together (so many fun things you could learn together or separately!! I’m offering two this weekend!)
  5. Learn ways to give / receive pleasure (G spot orgasms, Prostate stimulation, Energy orgasms, kink? Take a pick! Options are limitless)
  6. Plan a sexy surprise (sexuality thrives on novelty and excitement)
  7. Break up routine – time, place, activities (brainstorm fun options out of the norm for you)
  8. Separate giving and receiving (separating giving and receiving is a wonderful secret to an incredible amount of pleasure)
  9. Explore outside the box (get creative with fantasy and scene creation)
  10. Painting with lust technique – oh so spicy!! (similar to painting with love (search on www.spiritsexlab.com) but using dirty talk and telling your party what turns you on the most going from top of the head to their toes)

What are your favorite go to spice tools? Join my Fantasy / Spice webinar this coming Sunday at 11am via DM.

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