10 ways to use kink for growth

Kink Personal Growth
10 ways to use kink for growth

Do you think kink (BDSM) can aid at personal growth? Here are a few ways I’ve found kink play to be healing. Let me know your thoughts! Want BDSM specific guidance? DM xoxo

  1. Bringing out the shadow
    We all have a darker side to ourselves (so-called negative emotions, perhaps aggression, fear) – seeing it for what it is and exploring it safely and consensually during play may be fun and healing.
  2. Healing childhood wounds through play
    The more vulnerable we become with a trustworthy, kind partner, the further we push our boundaries and step out of the comfort zone – the more we benefit from growing and embracing our fuller selves
  3. Being playful and in essence
    So incredible to enjoy a child-like play, goof around and be creative. Kink doesn’t have to be a serious business.
  4. Negotiating safety and boundaries
    So very important to be able to negotiate and maintain healthy boundaries, practicing kink really teaches you to become a very clear communicator with regards to your limits and preferences
  5. Learning all about consent
    On going consent doesn’t have to be a chore and could be a sexy practice in dirty talk 😉
  6. Communicating preferences
    Communication is at the heart of any relationship, I personally love the Non violent communication concept (please google www.spiritsexlab.com for it) or approaching it as Bernard Meltzer suggests: “Before you speak ask yourself if what you are going to say is true, is kind, is necessary, is helpful. If the answer is no, maybe what you are about to say should be left unsaid.”
  7. Maintaining deep trust between partners
    While exploring kink, trust is paramount. The deeper we go, the more healing a connection may become.
  8. Staying open to what life has to offer
    So wonderful to be open-minded about ideas, experiences and connections. Open one door – and three more open up for you.
  9. Not attaching to form / concepts
    Kink can really help embrace one’s beginner’s mind (zen concept) and allow you to play with a multitude of ideas and experiences such as gender identities, masculine / feminine roles, domination / submission spectrum etc.
  10. Experiencing non duality and bliss
    Whenever someone has a very strong kink play related experience, they go into a state of trance – it’s sometimes called a sub or top space. Incredible.

Which number speaks the most to you?

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