Man suffers

man suffers

“Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the Gods made for fun.”
Alan Watts

“Stop overthinking it”, they say. “You’re too emotional, sensitive, focused, zoomed in…” Do any of these sound familiar? At times, we get overwhelmed by negative emotions and obsessive thought patterns. One of the best tool I’ve found to quiet the mind is called a flying bird technique. Please see below and let me know your coping mechanisms.

“Flying Birds technique”

  • Imagine as though your emotions are birds flying around in a large open space
  • It’s important to recognize that you are not your emotions
  • The true you are the observer, the space, the sacred container in which the birds are flying
  • Once you stop attaching yourself to the emotions and just witness them from a side – the pain becomes a lot more manageable to handle
  • Name the emotions and recognize all of the birds without judging them to be good or bad
  • Once you give each of them your proper attention – they may start expressing themselves and eventually quiet down

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