Managing Difficult Emotions: P2

Managing Difficult Emotions
Managing Difficult Emotions, Three part Series. Part two. (Part One can be found here)
1. Awareness

Naming the emotions is an important part of understanding of what is happening to you and managing difficult emotions:


“Inner Child technique”

  • Notice if you could give a voice to the feelings you’re experiencing
  • Can you sense/feel or see who is the person/child that is communicating to you?
  • What is it that she needs from you, the adult?
  • Have a conversation, listen, receive
2. Acceptance
  • Accept that this is what you’re feeling right now
  • If you start judging yourself for having the emotions – it’s only going to add an extra layer of negativity on top of what you’re already feeling
  • Accept that the situation that is causing you stress is what it is


3. Surrender
  • Allow the feelings to move through you as waves
  • There’s no stopping the emotion – once the charge has accumulated inside of you, it needs to come out
  • The less resistance you put up against experiencing it, the less painful the movement is
  • All emotions eventually pass, keep this in mind whenever an extra strong wave hits you

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