Solo Play: 10 fun Masturbation tips

Solo Play Tips

You reached out and I listened 😉 So many of you are sexually frustrated due to the current COVID-19 situation. I say – let’s play a little! We will emerge out of this ordeal deeper connected to ourselves, our bodies, sensuality, play preferences and full of sexual fantasies! Please read, like and share xoxo

  1. Set up the atmosphere (6 senses + meditation)
    Focus on setting up a sensual space for yourself. Whether it’s ordering oysters or lighting up candles, putting on some sensual music or wearing red. Indulge your senses and seize the moment!
  2. Get into the mood (the sensual you)
    Check out a great sensual practice by yours truly (please google The Sensual You in my blog and feel the sexual force fill you up
  3. Think of a fantasy / theme for tonight’s play
    Think of a playful fantasy or a naughty theme to try out. For ideas – please look at “Erotic Story” category on my blog or grab a copy of my book (
  4. Get out the toys, lube, oil, ice
    Think of different sensations, experiences and textures you can introduce. Feel into them, surrender and experiment.
  5. Explore other erogenous zones
    Of my – it’s a world of possibilities out there! Have you tried gently stroking your face, neck licking your fingers, palms, experimenting with your inner thighs and butt?
  6. Play with tease and denial, edging and forced orgasms
    This is incredible – I’ve been experimenting with denial a lot lately 🙂 Watch my video on Edging on my Youtube channel and see for yourself (
  7. Don’t forget GSpot, Prostate
    So much pleasure comes from stimulating these magical spots. Want to know more? Reach out for virtual Zoom guidance!
  8. Read some erotica
    I have just the stories you need to get hot and steamy and burning with desire. Come on in to and get your erotic book today.
  9. Express yourself (mirror, visuals, writing, sounds)
    Notice how expressing your inner desires and outer beauty create sensual experiences – play by a mirror, write your fantasies out, take naughty selfies and sound out the energy
  10. Connect for sensual guidance
    I’m here for you if solo play gets too boring 😉 Offering Zoom based sexual guidance and pleasure education one video call at a time. Contact me for your free 20 minute consultation today:

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