Mega Energy Boost – Food & Water

Mega Energy Boost Food

Mega Energy Boost – Food & Water

Following your requests, I’m bringing up the topic of achieving a Mega Energy Boost (#spiritsexlab_energyboost) and today we’re discussing how we can use NUTRITION & WATER to bring more energy into our fields! Each coming Tuesday, stay tuned for lots of useful info and practical tips, follow along and share with your friends!

Food and water are amazing sources of energy that are basic building blocks of our well-being potential. Think about these as energy / frequencies that enter your field. If the water and food have a higher vibrational frequency – they charge us with superior, more long lasting and sustainable energetic frequencies. If, however, we’re consuming lower vibrating substances (with nitrates, growth hormones, antibiotics etc.) our bodies, minds, hearts and souls are not benefiting long term.

Below are a few guidelines on selecting foods and drinks of the highest vibration:

  • Try to frequently eat organic, non GMO grown fruits and vegetables (Organic foods often have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants and fewer pesticides)
  • Intend to eat more of low Glycemic Index based carbohydrates, as they are slowly digested and absorbed, causing a slower and smaller rise in blood sugar levels (for more sustainable energy levels as opposed to sharp increase / decrease of energy)
  • Please focus on consuming unrefined carbohydrates, unprocessed, ideally home-cooked foods
  • If you choose meat-derived proteins (my diet is mostly vegetarian + milk/eggs based), please pay attention to ethically raised and processed ones. No growth hormones/antibiotics in meats/chicken, no farm-raised fish ensure higher vibrational frequencies)
  • Try to minimize refined sugars’ intake and understand whether the craving for sweets is an emotional or a physical one. Choose fruits or healthier snacks as great, healthy alternatives
  • Water is a drink of my choice as hydration has a major effect on energy levels and brain function


  • Learn to listen to your body – it tells you when you’re full, what types of foods it needs and how it feels about your nutrition
  • Stick to multiple/smaller/healthy meals throughout the day

Hope you’ve found this blog post useful. Comment what your favourite healthy foods are! xoxo

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