Painter’s brush – Incredible Synchronicity

Body Paint

Incredible synchronicity is all around. We just need to know how to attract the right events and manifest our dreams (Ask me to help you tap into your Level of Intention).
Recently, I’ve been experiencing quite an instant ability of manifesting dreams and being in the flow. Just yesterday, I had a great body painting night and before I even had a chance to post on it, got this poem in mail. It’s this astounding?! Thank you.

“Painters brush from her lovers gland, artistry perfectly stroked over skin and pore.
His palette pure and given purpose, as she encourages his creativity, inhaling the surge from the depths of his humanity.
Capturing his light as it spreads,
kneeling at the altar of worship.
Blessing the flow of life, empowering her selfless act and goddess divine.”

Bill Scheltema

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