New Exclusive Energy Orgasm foundations webinar Aftermath

Thank you so much to everyone who registered and came out for the New Exclusive Energy Orgasm foundations webinar!

We had a wonderful time chatting about all things sexy and mindful, learning what Energy Orgasms are all about and experiencing wonderful healing effects of long distance induced trance by yours truly. Here are a few photos from the Webinar as well as a few reviews. Our incredible model Sarah from the latest Long Distance Touch Free Squirting video joined us to share about her experiences and inspire others!

Want to get a copy of the recording? Please DM! Or join my upcoming Energy Orgasm Fundamental webinar in August:

Here’s what participants said about their experience:

During meditation:

  • S: It was getting hot in here, I was floating
  • J: Relaxing. I felt my pelvis quite hard and my heart hot
  • A: Relaxing and sensual
  • S.: I was convulsing!
  • P: I did not feel much in the way of sexuality, but it certainly sparked my creativity
  • N.: Felt the sacral petals opened even more
  • L.: That was great! I can only imagine what a full course would be like
  • L.: Thank you so much for this! I look forward to connecting
  • L.: How did u connect with us just through words!?

Overall about the webinar:

  • A.: Ok, thank you!! Really enjoyed this!! My husband was here too just off camera. We look forward to learning more to use with each other and our other partners.
  • I.: Thank you so much!
  • L.: Thank you for the webinar today, You’re awesome! You were so warm and accessible and clear.
  • S.: You’ve got a friend in me. Just hearing your experience made me think of mine too. Very uplifting!

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