Open When Letters

Open when letters

Ok guys, it’s finally the time to spill the beans on the letters I gave to a Mystery Man before leaving (as our time apart is over and he’s opened them all ?)

This is a great idea to do if your partner is leaving for a trip, you’re in a long distance relationship or you’d just like to add a bit of playfulness to your relationship and leave these notes behind after your date in a mailbox or underneath a pillow. Please save this, like, tag and share with others.

Open Immediately:

This is the letter in which you explain the rules of the game (opening one letter a day for example), share your intention for the notes and set the stage.

The rest of my letters were these (but you can focus on any other themes of course):

  • Open when you want a hug (sharing all of the sweet nothings, supportive words and adding a thoughtful little gift for them to hold onto while you’re gone like a little glass heart found on a beach)
  • Open when you’re full of joy (letting them know how much you love them and how happy you are for them)
  • Open when you feel like it (reminiscing about your best memories and fantasies together)
  • Open when you’re waking up (suggesting to watch a sunrise together and exchange photos)
  • Open when you’re about to fall asleep (a fun practice could be to find a star together and send some loving energy or a hug to each other while star gazing)
  • Open when you’re frisky (put in some sexy things – see mine in one of the shots, write down a few fantasies and offer to send an on-demand fantasy if they texted “fantasy” to you. This can then take form of a sound note, photos or sexting ?)
  • Open when you’re missing me (mention everything you’re missing about them, do a painting with love technique – please search on

More fun tips: get creative with adding little gifts (he’s still cleaning out those butterfly confetti from the sheets – oops lol), spraying your perfume, kissing with a lipstick or giving an item like a handkerchief to replace you in their travels and take photos with 🙂

Did you enjoy these ideas? Connect with me for me and soulful / sensual guidance!

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