Incredible date idea: Boudoir photo session

bodoiur photos

You’ve asked for these photos – here’s one sexy image of yours truly (more to come soon)! Please like and comment if you think taking sensual photo shoots is a great idea! As some of you may know, I had just recently had an amazing experience with Larysa from Desire Photography Boutique shooting sensual art by myself and with my partner.

I love creating memorable, sexy experiences during my dates. Boudoir shoot blew my mind in terms of how spicy, sensual and deep it got! What a wonderful unusual date idea to bring more play into a relationship, flirt with the camera and have incredible memories for years to come. Not in a relationship? Solo erotic shoots are wonderful for self esteem and confidence boost as well!

Larysa quickly made us feel at ease, comfortable and right at home. Her style of gentle direction works wonderfully for newbies and people who’ve worked with photographers before. Her sessions are carefully crafted experiences designed to meet your expectations, reconnect with intimacy, sensuality, self love, pleasure and sexy vibes. Check her out at:



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