Q & A: FFM vs FMF


Question: “Evguenia, could you let me know the difference between FFM and FMF? S. R.”

Answer: S., thank you for your question! Both FFM and FMF denote a threesome configuration. Usually FFM stands for a Female, Female and Male connection in which two females are bisexual. Typically, every member of this play group plays with everyone else. The latter (FMF) stands for a straight Female Male Female configuration in which both females are connected to the male, but not each other.

Threesomes could be lots of fun with additional level of interest/play added in by combining:

  • Exhibitionism/Voyerism (i. e. public play such as at a Sex Club)
  • Bondage, Domination/Submission, Sensation Play (i .e. two dominant females playing with a submissive male)
  • Gender play (playing on the gender spectrum without specifically identifying with either of the binary roles)
  • Orientation variations play etc. (exploring various orientation configurations – pan sexual, bisexual etc.)

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