Human Energy Field: Aura

Auric Field
Auric Field (excerpt from my upcoming Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery Course, join my free Energy Orgasm Foundations webinar here:

According to Quantum fields theory, our universe is comprised of many infinitely-large vibrational fields that affect each other’s frequencies. Simply speaking, we live in a sea of energy.

Human energy field (also called aura) is comprised of higher vibrational frequencies than the physical body, that is why it’s not easily seen with the eyes. Aura contains emotions, thoughts, beliefs, time capsule memories etc. These can be tapped into during energy therapy sessions.

Other major components of human energy field are chakras. These are energy centers that are responsible for various frequencies’ exchange (taking in and expelling energy out). Each chakra has its own psychological function and physical implications if blocked.

The following posts will go into seven major chakras to explain the mystery behind these centers.

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