Do you have a playmate for me at the club?

Q: A very popular question I get asked is people wondering if I have a playmate lined up for them at the club. I know when it’s your first time at the club it’s hard to know what to expect, that’s why I offer my exclusive tours during which I gently guide you through this human labyrinth of desires 🙂

A: Think of a $ex club this way: it’s a wonderful way to learn about an alternative lifestyle, meet many open-minded people, have a great time watching / potentially participating in scenes or workshops (that I host). It is similar to a regular club where like minded people come out to dance, hang out, connect and potentially – yes – play together.

Could this play be guaranteed? Unfortunately no, but a chance to meeting someone open to it is much higher. We’ve had multiple people meet each other at our events, often these turned into wonderful playful adventures or long term deep relationships. I also suggest coming out with an open mind and heart without a preconceived notion of how the evening may turn out. Be clear about your goals / dreams / boundaries and fears. Take steps towards achieving your visions and conquering your fears, and enjoy the evening 🙂

Reach out if you have more questions, we’re meeting for online Meet and Greet tonight for our upcoming $ex Club tour and in person this Friday. Can’t wait!
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