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Do you enjoy navigating topics such as finding purpose, relationship structures and challenges, sexual wellness, personal development, self love?

I can’t get enough of digging deep, authentic sharing, asking insightful questions, enjoying meaningful conversations, being honest and upfront even if it’s uncomfortable, and challenging each other to discover insights that enable personal growth.

Would you like to dive deeper with me? You’re invited to our FREE online Limitless Group Intro event where you’ll learn all about:

  • The tools and methodology used to create lasting healing and confidence boosting change
  • How to join the LimitLESS program
  • And how to uplevel your personal, professional life and better embrace intimate loving relationships

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Now a little about me… I’m Evguenia.

I’m an accredited Energy Therapist and a Passionate Sexuality Guide, a graduate of the World’s Premier Hands-on Healing program.

Personally, I made a 180 degree turn in my life, having come from a very conservative background from feeling emotionally, sexually and spiritually stagnant and blocked off to being fully expressed, authentically aligned and free to embody who I am deep down inside.

Professionally, I pack over 12 years of Healing and Expressive Arts education as well as extensive experience in helping successful professionals overcome emotional, sexual and mental blockages; and create lives full of confidence, pleasure and freedom of choice. Through my YouTube channel, newsletters and programs, I motivate hundreds of thousands of amazing people to experience deeper connection, hot passion and soulfully sexy bliss.

I have taught for Coca Cola, Vitamin Water, University of Toronto, York University, high net worth women summits and private corporate group events and I even created my own Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification program to share my knowledge with others who feel called to coach.

I’m wholeheartedly ecstatic to offer this comprehensive LimitLESS program that allows you to embrace a newly found freedom and self-confidence, discover your inner gifts, immense passion and authentically aligned life full of love, pleasure, and bliss.

I’d love to share an initiation into my knowledge with you…. Which is why I created this very special 1-hour online event!

It’s happening LIVE on August 25th at 7:00pm EST. (We’ll send you the recording if you can’t attend live!)

Are you coming? Sign Up at to secure your FREE spot now.

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