LimitLESS – Sexuality

Many of us are unhappy in our sensual expression. Often, we’re afraid to voice / acknowledge our dreams and fantasies. And even if we are – it’s scary to first embark on the journey of inner exploration and sexual liberation because of the judgements society puts on us.

There’s nothing more powerful and liberating than being fully received and supported by other open-minded humans and learning the skills needed to explore and enjoy playful energy from an experienced guide. This is exactly what we focus on in our group: none of the subjects are off the table, we often chat about pleasure, shame, guilt, techniques, fantasies and ways to bring your goals into reality.

Learn more about the group here:

Join Free Limitless Group Intro on August 25th at 7pm where you’ll learn all about:

  • The tools and methodology used to create lasting healing and confidence boosting change
  • How to join the LimitLESS program
  • And how to uplevel your personal, professional life and better embrace intimate loving relationships

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