Energy Orgasm Practitioner Mastery: Module 2

This Thursday August 24th at 7PM is the time to energetically align with incredibly exciting phenomenon of Energy Orgasms. This webinar will cover Practitioner Certification Training that’s starting this September!! Sign Up:

What does Module 2 Certification Training involve? Please see for yourself:

  • Deepening into sensual / sexual force and experiencing Kundalini energy
  • Learning powerful methods of sensual energy sensing, moving and charging
  • Client work healing block release, diagnostics and Multidimensional Body Scan meditation method; introduction to advanced meditation, mindfulness and emotional release techniques
  • Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery, energy orgasm fundamentals
  • Energy Orgasm Facilitation Mastery techniques, tips and tricks
  • Supervision and advanced sexual healing techniques
  • Fully integrated small class sessions focusing on multidimensional body / mind / heart / soul connection are complimented by multiple one-on-one sessions, comprehensive reading and practice materials

Learn more about the Practitioner Certification Program here:

Join Free Webinar on August 24th at 7:00PM EST to learn more:

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