Stress-free dating: Understanding, Communication, and Growth

Do you have trouble finding the right people to date? Would you like to understand how to maintain deeper, more loving relationships while openly communicating your truth? Or are you interested to explore a sea of other options outside of a typical relationship root showcased by popular media?

“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” Vincent Van Gogh

The chances are most of us have never gone through a formal exercise of understanding our partner’s preferences, diving deeper into a multitude of qualities, belief systems, and preferences to better understand our needs and goals and heighten our dating success.

Moreover, most of us were raised with the idea of a “happily ever after” American dream relationship model that barely works for anyone anymore because of how idealized it is. There are so many variations of relationship configurations that are available to us. Some considerations may include deciding on the best frequency/living arrangements / looking into monogamy and open relationship paradigm we well we getting to know all possible consensually agreed upon approaches etc.

We openly chat about relationship options, issues, and goals at our bi-weekly LimitLESS group meetings.

Some of the main takeaways from our LimitLESS sessions discussions were:

  1. Deep Self-Understanding: To design a relationship that truly fits us, it’s crucial to have a profound understanding of our own needs, goals, and worldviews. Taking the time to explore our inner selves allows us to identify what brings us joy, what we value, and what we’re seeking in a partner. By knowing ourselves deeply, we set the foundation for a relationship that aligns with our authentic selves.
  2. Ongoing Communication and Flexibility: Relationships aren’t set in stone; they require continuous communication and the willingness to adapt along the way. As we grow and evolve, our needs may change. It’s important to have open conversations with our partners, express our desires, and be receptive to their needs as well. This flexibility and willingness to renegotiate the “relationship contract” as we go along ensure that both partners feel heard and understood.
  3. Unraveling Childhood Patterns: No matter the type of partnership we engage in, we often encounter patterns and defense mechanisms that originated in our early childhood. These behaviors can hinder our ability to connect deeply and create a loving environment. Becoming aware of these patterns and actively working through them allows us to break free from destructive cycles and develop healthier ways of relating. It paves the way for more healing, loving, and positive connections.

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