connective exercises

Loved connective exercises

“I’ve enjoyed learning and experiencing energy work and loved connective exercises.” P. K. Energy Orgasm Workshop I always say that the biggest […]

renewed recharged

I feel renewed and recharged

Evguenia, once I got home I felt exhausted but in a very good way. I feel like I have released a lot of stressful energy. I feel renewed and recharged! Thank you so much.
A. k
Private Healing Session

1200 Followers Contest

1200 Followers – thank you!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for following along! We hit 1200 followers on IG and FB (@Spiritsexlab) and I’m very happy to see […]

moving meditation

Sensory Play

Experience sensory play as a moving meditation. I love this! This is where all of the things I’m passionate about: personal […]

you are unique

You are unique

You are unique and so is your path! We are so different and so the cookie cutter approach doesn’t work for […]

Healing Transformation

Healing Transformation

“The magnitude of healing transformation is indescribable. After the Kundalini workshop I became better aligned with my true inner self. I felt […]

playful, daring, seductive

Playful, Dating, Seductive Lover

“A married woman – mother of two, was morphing into a playful, daring & seductive lover only he knew.” What are […]

Ready to take on the world

“Ready to take on the world and be in the present. To feel.” What is your bliss? Read about mine in […]