Sensory Play

moving meditation

Experience sensory play as a moving meditation.

I love this! This is where all of the things I’m passionate about: personal growth, mindfulness, sexuality and creativity come into play! Have you recently felt completely enthralled into an experience to the point of feeling it with every fiber of your being, intently hearing all of the sounds of this glorious moment, tasting the pallete of sensations and so on? Try it for yourself. It has such a therapeutic effect!

After all, mindful awareness is a key component to emotional balance, healing, centering within oneself, focusing on our loved ones, deepening connection with everything around us, working through anxiety (including a performance one) and so on.

Choose one experience you do daily – dressing in front of the mirror, brushing your hair, connecting with your loved ones and intently focus on all five senses (and the 6th ;)). Make a note of 5 sensations you feel, see, hear, smell, physically sense during this exercise. See what happens. Enjoy the wisdom of being, witnessing and experiencing. Please let me know what happens.

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