Meditation Testimonials

Read past clients’ feedback about their experiences with Meditation Circle and Personal Sessions lead by Evguenia. Or choose to learn more about client’s experiences with Energy Therapy and Sex Education sessions.
You are amazing, inspirational, and unique!

Paulo Coelho, my favorite author summarized perfectly what I am trying to say….”What is a teacher? I’ll tell you: it isn’t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows”. You are amazing, inspirational, and unique!
M. S., Senior Manager

Great consulting and meditation techniques teaching, very calming and energizing!

Highly recommend for non judgmental help and personal growth!
A. F., Real Estate Agent

Our discussion made me rethink some of my priorities

” I wanted to thank you for the meditation session that I attended. I found it both useful and very enjoyable.

Our discussion made me rethink some of my priorities and understanding of my personal time. The guided meditation and setting the intention made me relax and concentrate on my main goals and intentions.

You are a natural when it comes to healing and leading meditation and self-discovery groups. I really like your teaching style which is both non-judgmental, friendly and supportive. You really help an individual to realize his/hers potential.”
A. M.


Evguenia makes one feel truly heard

“Evguenia is a good listener. She is curious and will ask open-ended questions. Then, she’ll listen with an open heart and reflect back to you, in a way that makes one feel truly heard. I find that wonderfully refreshing.

Each of Evguenia’s meditation circles usually introduces a new exercise or technique: a bit of new theory followed by group practice and reflection.
Every technique carries potential for self-knowledge and self-discovery. After the circle, I feel calmer and more peaceful for the entire day.

I am impressed by Evguenia’s dedication to pursue professional development and quench her inner thirst.”
E. D.


I felt the human energy field for the first time in my life!

Participated in Meditation and Energy Play workshop. Very interesting experience I had. Felt the human energy field for the first time in my life! Evguenia is very welcoming person and very knowledgeable and patient teacher. For sure will be back and highly recommend it to everybody else.
O. E.