BDSM – Authenticity

Road to Authenticity Many of us were raised in a sex-negative, restrictive culture. Some of us are still associating sensuality with feelings […]

Opening Up

Polyamory – opening up

Polyamory – Opening up How does one open an 18 year long monogamous relationship, you ask? It’s an important question and the […]

core star brilliance

Core Star Brilliance

Did you know that you are comprised of more than 99.99% of empty space? It is mind blowing if you really think […]


Creativity is contagious

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” Rumi What do you love creating? Art? Dance? Kids ;)? Whatever it is – please do […]

authentic expression

Self Care Authenticity

Self Care: Authenticity I speak to a lot of mothers and busy people who are at their wits’ end with worries, stress […]