Polyamory – opening up

Opening Up

Polyamory – Opening up

How does one open an 18 year long monogamous relationship, you ask? It’s an important question and the one we didn’t take lightly. When embarking on a journey, it’s always important to understand your intention, possible risks/potential challenges and hopes/dreams.

My intention in Polyamory was to experience more love, sensuality, play and connect deeper to others! I was also very much aligned with the idea of letting my loved one(s) explore their freedom and fantasies. I really wanted to let go of any jealousy, possessiveness, shame and guilt that so naturally arose in me with a thought of sharing my lover(s) or exploring my own fantasies.

Of course, fears surfaced while considering opening up as I didn’t want to sacrifice or lose / lessen the deep loving relationship I had with my husband, put kids at risk of facing turbulence and worry about coming out to my family (which is very conservative and mostly Jewish orthodox)

My hopes and dreams were to fully experience and express who I was meant to be – soulfully sensual being that plays on the intersection of creativity, personal growth, sexuality and spirituality and shares these experiences with the world…

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin

We took 6 months to fully research the idea of opening up in a safe, gradual and balanced way.

  • We went to see a marriage counsellor and worked through a few patterns we had to strengthen the marriage and our core foundation even more
  • We came out to a few workshops at Good for Her on Open Relationships and read a tonne of books on the topic (Opening Up, Ethical Slut, Sex at Dawn)
  • We hosted a get together by the fire with couples who practiced polyamory at the time and asked them multiple questions (thank you so much, you guys! You’re the best)
  • We then gradually decided to explore branching out and testing the waters

One of the very first stories that happened while taking the very first steps is the top story in the Alice in PolyLand book about a sensually seductive Colombian Man and Alice. Want to read it? www.tinyurl.com/y22pre2p Please support Alice in Polyland (ONLY 18 DAYS LEFT) – Inspirational guide on transformational sensual journey from shame & suppression to unsurpassed passion, pleasure & authenticity!

With your help, we’re over 100% goal and fundraising for the next step in my journey – eLearning courses creation that will give you even more practical tips on brining more pleasure, authenticity and freedom into your lives.

P. S. Want to see me talk about Polyamory and take part in open sharing and discussion? Join me on March 24th at Oasis Aqualounge for Polyamory workshop I’m teaching.


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