Couples in Ecstasy: Energy Orgasm Course Launch

New Couples Course Launch: Embark on a captivating journey with our comprehensive course, guiding couples to deepen emotional connection and cultivate vibrant sexuality. This transformative experience seamlessly weaves together theoretical knowledge, practical exercises, and mindfulness techniques, ensuring a holistic and sustainable approach to relationship and sexual fulfillment.

Becoming Registered Psychotherapist Qualifying on May 6

I will be offering new services covered under Ontario insurance and combining my deeply healing holistic approach with powerful scientific insights offered by my newly acquired knowledge in Master’s degree of counselling psychology. Stay tuned for announcements coming soon!

Happy New 2024 Year!

Happy New 2024! Having grown up in Russia, New Year’s eve celebration used to be the main holiday event of the year! […]

Reconnecting with an Ex During the Holidays

It’s common to feel sentimental and nostalgic during the holidays, reminiscing about past good times with ex-spouses and in-laws. The temptation to rekindle old flames or explore the possibility of starting anew can be strong. This phenomenon even has a name: Marleying.

Heightened expectations: Celebrate LOVE!

When merging holiday traditions with your partner, heightened expectations can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. To foster understanding and create a harmonious holiday season, consider the following steps…

Navigating Money Tensions During the Holidays: Celebrate LOVE!

Money-related conflicts are a common source of tension in relationships, and the holiday season can exacerbate these issues. Increased spending on gifts and celebrations may lead to stress and disagreements between partners, revealing differing beliefs and values about money that might not surface otherwise.