Deviation from the norm

deviate from the norm.

And what is norm anyways? If we’re all so unique, could there really be a set of perfectly outlined, agreed upon norms? Or is it more like a spectrum? I love guidelines that are used in kink play: CSS: Consensual, Safe and Sane. I believe as long as three of these parameters are met, anything we feel or do is OK. Thoughts?

Fully live

Live every day of your life

Yes!!! Fully live every day of your life – deeply aligned with who you are inside. Do you feel like you’re living every day of your life?

your way home

Find your way home

“If the light is in your heart you will find your way home.” Rumi Just today we did a transformational healing session […]

adventurous experience

Adventurous, Fun, Sensual

“Still feeling incredible after an adventurous, fun, sensual night on Thursday, guided by Evguenia (aka Alice). Gracefully and skillfully, Alice guided the […]

I love myself as I am

“I love myself just the way I am” Louise Hay This is a powerful, yet such a tough affirmation. try saying it […]

Vulvas and Yonis - flower illustration

Vulvas and Yonis

Vulvas and Yonis Those of use who were born with vulvas, vaginas, yonis etc… How many of us are really in touch […]

Don’t Judge Me

“Don’t judge me – I was born to be awesome, not perfect.” Unknown Exactly!! Woo-hoo. Who else feels this way? Please like […]