Vulvas and Yonis

Vulvas and Yonis - flower illustration

Vulvas and Yonis

Those of use who were born with vulvas, vaginas, yonis etc… How many of us are really in touch with the power, beauty and pleasure that exists in these sacred spaces? How many are comfortable pronouncing the names? Have we looked at our vulvas in the mirror with admiration and love? Do we feel the connection?

Ever since my childhood I had a very complex relationship with my genitals. I was told that touching my vulva was bad. So I made sure I stayed good. For years. And yet I couldn’t stop feeling the disconnect inside. As though there was a virtual wall that separated an amazing source of me, beautiful flowing energy of pleasure and sensuality from other parts of my body and psyche (I shared my story on this Here).

My ten nine old daughter has recently cringed as I mentioned the word “vagina” to her in my quest to get her to name the body parts in the proper manner. She said the word was a “bad one” and she was not supposed to pronounce it out loud as told by her teachers…

Different country, different girl – similar feelings…

And this brought my memories back – of self denial and hate, separation, confusion, shame. Why do we continue this cycle of making such beautiful parts of ourselves separate from our whole being? We don’t cringe at words such as hands or feet and look at other body parts all the time… So why vulvas?

Lets’ be the part of the solution. Let’s not be afraid to call our beautiful vulvas, vaginas by name without cringing inside. Let’s get acquainted with the way our flowers look. The way they love to be touched or played with. Appreciated. Accepted. And they will respond. By letting us experience amazing heights of pleasure, creativity, livelihood and joy!!

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