Receiving Guidance

Guardian Angels

According to many spiritual teachings, a guardian angel is a part of our whole being that “oversees” us while we’re going through our incarnational tasks on earth. It’s the part of us that guides us when we’re open to receive the guidance. The part that hasn’t forgotten who we truly are. The part of our being that knows and is aligned to help us achieve our life task here on earth.

Receiving Guidance

Having a strong connection with one’s Guardian Angel (at times there are several) is very beneficial for us.

  • Getting our questions answered when we feel stuck…
  • Understanding our higher purpose and life task
  • Feeling supported and led when afraid or lost

All of the above and more are some benefits of being in contact with our Higher Selves. In the next couple of days I will share a few ways of getting in touch with Guardian Angels that work best for me.

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