Brain States

Four Brain States

Most of the guidance is usually received in a Theta brain wave state. Below are a few facts about various brain states that you may find useful.

    • Beta
      This is the state of full alertness and complete concentration, best cognition.
      Beta brain waves range between 13-40 Hz
    • Alpha
      More relaxed state that fosters creativity and a sense of well-being.
      Alpha waves range between 7-12 HZ
    • Theta
      State of meditative awareness, heightened receptivity – right on the threshold of the subconscious. Staying in this meditative state increases extrasensory perception, awakens intuition and heightens creativity.
      Frequencies range between 4-7 HZ
    • Delta
      Slowest brain wave that is associated with deep sleep and regeneration.
      Waves range between 0-4 HZ

We can achieve the mysterious meditative Theta state by various means – breathing/relaxing, chanting, dancing, walking, painting… Listed next are a few techniques that I prefer to use to get in touch with my Higher Self. To be continued…

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