Unicorn Night Workshop

I’m happy to invite you all to my next workshop at Oasis Aqualounge.

On May 13th, At 10:30pm, I return to demonstrate how to connect more intimately with your partner and/or your newfound playmate. Join us in the Ballroom to explore sexual energy fields:

  • Sense into and play with your sexual energy and that of others
  • Feel into the energy of love and compassion
  • Combine the two by connecting sexuality to the heart
  • Experience depth and synchronicity that come from deepening energetic connections with others while experiencing your own beauty and sensual nature

Event: Unicorn Night: Sexual Energy Exchange
Date: May 13th, 10:30 PM
Location: 231 Mutual Street, TO, ON M5B 2B4
Cost: Couples-$95. Couples-bring a 2nd unicorn for free *must arrive and pay together. Unicorns are free between 8:00pm-12:00am. $20 onward.

2 thoughts on “Unicorn Night Workshop

  1. Will you be holding other sexual energy exchange events or tantric events over the next couple of weeks? I’m only in town for a little while and seeing which events are happening.

    1. Yes, I’m holding an event on June 4th on meditation, energy exchange and sexuality. I’m also happy to create a custom Tantric event just for you/your partner. Please email [email protected] for details and thank you for reaching out!

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