Guided Meditation

4. Guided or creative meditation

The type of meditation that I find works best with the beginners and the type I love practicing the most is the creative guided meditation. “What you think you become” says Buddah – this type of meditation can be used for personal development, receiving guidance and overall stress relief and relaxation.

Any of the previously discussed types of meditations can be combined into the guided meditative techniques. Some of the benefits of the guided meditation approach includes:

  • Hearing a voice leading you through an experience allows for better concentration for beginners
  • Additional presence of the guide/healer helps deepen the sense of trance (especially if they use the hands on approach I practice to work with the energy of the person and the room if this is a group meditation)
  • Different visualization techniques aim at achieving goals such as physical/emotional well being (body scan), achieving clarity (working on a problem), receiving guidance (going through a series of visualization techniques to discover questions to answers you’re looking for).

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