Energy Healing Practitioners

Energy Healing Practitioners

When I first started learning energy healing, I felt just like a kid in a candy store. I wanted to touch, feel, learn anything I could about this magical world of energy that most of us could not see or touch. Little by little over the course of 4 intense years of studies I came to trust my visions, feelings and kinesthetic sensations.

When selecting a healer, please keep in mind the following points to ensure their professionalism and knowledge

  • The education may span from four intense and knowledge-rich years of studies to a quick weekend course
  • The depth could include knowledge of psychology as well as in depth hands on techniques or none at all
  • The sensitivity could be based on highly practiced extrasensory skills or hopes to channel the energy into the proper places using visualization
  • The self-awareness may be clear following years of personal therapy and analysis or cloudy to the point where the practitioner is projecting their own issues onto you

Let’s talk a little bit about different types of healings and why/when they could be helpful. I often work with women with the focus on their relationships and the first type of healing I’m going to talk about is a type of relational healing called a Cord Healing.

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