Relational Cord Healing

Relational Cord Healing

“I broke up with him a while back and yet I can’t stop thinking about him. I feel as though as there’s something that is still keeping us together. There’s a pain in my chest and a pulling sensation in my solar plexus. How do I ever let him go emotionally?”

Often our relationship patterns could be worked on through the relational energy field. Learning more about the reoccurring issues and working on dysfunctional patterns energetically may beneficially affect existing relationships (with oneself and others).

Usually we’re all connected with others in a clear and balanced fashion – able to happily engage and disconnect when needed. Sometimes relationships get out of hand and we get really attached or even addicted to people emotionally, sexually, intellectually or spiritually. This situation can become a source of pain, suffering and overall unhappiness.

Relational cord healing technique works to balance out the energetic connections to a healthy level. Remove any energetic “hooks” or invasions and stabilize one’s field.

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