Relationship Cord Story

Cord Healing Story

Remember the woman from the previous post? The one that couldn’t quite let go of her ex partner? She kept thinking about him and reminiscing over the great times they’ve had… There was much pain in her heart and a pulling sensation in her solar plexus…

How many of us are left with a sense of pain or a need for closure? How about reoccurring thought patterns that go in circles in our heads unable to energetically let go and focus on our lives?

Some of these unresolved feelings are directly related to the type of energetic connection we had with the person. As was a case with this beautiful strong woman.

I balanced her auric field, charged and removed all of the stagnated emotional energy. I also worked on her cords and sensed the cord that used to belong to the man which seemed hooked right into her heart chakra. There was not energy current going between the cords and the connection seemed redundant and invasive. I moved the cord out of her field and connected it back just on the outside of her aura with the intention of it just being a regular, balanced connection one feels towards a friendly stranger. No more, no less. I integrated all of the new consciousness into her field and let her rest.

When I checked with her in the next couple of days – she mentioned feeling a lot more at ease with the separation. It now felt to her as though it happened a while back, in the past. She was not emotionally attached to the break up story anymore and could objectively see the situation. She also was able to move on with her life and resume her daily activities.

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