Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Do you believe in past lives? Reincarnation? If you do or are curious to learn more – this post is for you…
According to multiple spiritual teachings, humans go through myriads of lives in order to master various skills/states of being, learn lessons, perfect themselves and pass their knowledge onto others.

According to some teachings, we incarnate as soul groups – meaning we choose a select group of souls to accompany us on our journey. These beings could take on various human forms in our lives – close friends, spouses, lovers, children.

As we’re learning our lessons, we also work through blocks and issues we set out to resolve for ourselves. These stagnated patterns that may stay in our energy fields for lives are often referred to as astral objects. Furthermore, our experiences from other life times may stay with us as “time capsules” or “previous lives” if they carry significance to our current incarnation.

For example: if I someone a painful experience in a past life that has to do with sexuality (i. e. abuse), he/she carry a block in my second sexual chakra during this lifetime, subconsciously trying to resolve it. They may feel shame, guilt and other negative emotions around sexuality. A closer energy field examination may hint at their past life’s experience. Having gone through the past life regression healing, that person may understand his/her inhibitions better and be able to let go of the block in this life time.

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