Patterns… Don’t we all have them? The more we develop a witnessing aspect of ourselves that lets us see our personality from a side – the more we start noticing interesting things about ourselves… All of a sudden authority issues surface… “That pharmacist’s assistant – who is she to tell me which supplement I need to take?! I know my body best”. Or feeling abandoned to the point of emotional pain and separation anxiety when a partner needs time to him/herself …

What is important to understand when we’re feeling defensive is we’re transferring our old hurts onto the present moment and are reacting as a child would. Hence the reason for sometimes a less than desirable behavior (cough…)

What’s a self-aware person to do? Awareness is the very first step. Once we know what triggers us, we can start changing our reactions and loving our inner kids while trying to be as less defensive as possible. After all, if this is my pattern and I take full ownership of it – I can instill a change.

Think back which things continuously trigger you and start identifying your patterns… Feel into how your inner child feels during those episodes. Try loving yourself even more.

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